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Date: 18 January 2017 at 7.30pm
44 Members of the Trust were present. A full list of attendees will be held by LCT Secretary, Rachel Jones.

AGM 2016
LCT Secretary, Rachel Jones read a summary of the AGM 2016. It was agreed as a true record of the meeting. Proposed by Dave Charles. Seconded by Paul Bromage.

Chairperson’s Report
Full report is held on file by LCT Secretary and can be found under ‘News and Events’ on the LCT website .uk
In summary: LCT Chairperson, Nick Gibbs welcomed the attendees and thanked everyone in the community for their support thus far. He outlined the significant achievements that had occurred since the AGM in 2016

Purchase of the building on 30 June 2016
3 Community Working Parties to refresh the building inside and out
The formal opening and naming of the building ‘The Old School’
The launch of the website
The conception and launch of 2 significant projects – Valentines Post and the Lover 5km

Nick thanked the Board of trustees with particular mention for Cara Bromage and Pat Cousins who are standing down from the board of trustees this year. In addition to the trustees, Nick thanked several community members who had lent significant expertise to the Valentines Post, Lover 5km and the structural maintenance of the building.

Treasurer’s Report
Full accounts can be found on the LCT website.
In summary: LCT Treasurer, Peter Harper reported the balance as at 31 Dec 2016 was 23,580.62.
Total Receipts during the year £96,809.68.
Total Payments during the year £73,229.06.

Membership Secretary’s Report
LCT Membership Secretary, Mar Copp reported that Lover Community Trust now has 134 members of which 75 are Life / Founder members. New members are welcome at any time. Membership cards were distributed to all present and will be forwarded to absentees.

Election of Trustees
Two trustees, Cara Bromage and Pat Cousins, were not standing for re-election.

The remaining standing trustees of Lover Community Trust agreed to stand for re election.

Nick Gibbs (Chair Person)
Peter Harper (Treasurer)
Rachel Jones (Secretary)
Mar Copp (Membership Secretary)
Graham Budworth
Dave Charles

Proposed by Alan Newnham. Seconded by Ron Marsh.

In addition the following were voted onto the board of trustees
Dave Bennett. Proposed by Peter Harper. Seconded by William Jones
Guy Smith. Proposed by Mar Copp. Seconded by Ian Youdan.

The following resolution was put to the meeting for approval:

It is resolved to seek a merger between Lover Community Trust (LCT) and the Lover Green Association (LGA). The merger will be achieved by means of a transfer of all assets of LGA (including the lease on Lover Green itself) to LCT, followed by the dissolution of LGA. Any monetary assets thus transferred will be held in a restricted fund, and will only be available for spending on the Green or the purchase of assets primarily for use in maintaining the Green. Upon dissolution of LGA, any elected member of the Management Committee who is not already a Trustee of LCT will, should they so wish, be co-opted as such, following which they will be subject to the same rules of retirement by rotation and re-election as other Trustees.

It is a pre-requisite of the proposed merger that:
A resolution mirroring this one is approved in a general meeting of Lover Green Association
Redlynch Parish Council, as the lessors of Lover Green to Lover Green Association, approve the transfer of the lease to Lover Community Trust

Nick Gibbs gave an account of the benefits of merging the management of the 2 co located assets . The proposal was supported by Dave Charles (Chair of Lover Green Association) and Peter Harper (Treasurer of Lover Green Association). It was outlined that before a merger would proceed a similar resolution would be proposed to Lover Green Association and to Redlynch Parish Council. The meeting was asked to vote on the merger. 42 members voted in favour. 1 member objected and 1 member abstained.

Conclusion of the meeting
The meeting was closed at 8.15pm

Date of Next Meeting
Trustees Meeting: Monday 6 February 2017 at 7.30pm at the Old School Building

Rachel Jones
Lover Community Trust