Why was the Trust formed?

The Trust was formed to raise the money to acquire the former local primary school buildings for community use, which have been standing empty for over 10 years. This was achieved in June this year and the building is now being painted and decorated ready for use.

What will I be able to do at the centre and what will it cost?

The full scope of facilities has yet to be agreed by the members but broadly there will be three pillars of usage: A pre-school for 2-4 year old children. The Lover Pre-school has been running for many years and currently located in a mobile classroom on the lover Green. By moving them in to the main building the school will be able to grow in size and provide better facilities for the children and staff. Sport facilities: Many outdoor sports are already taking place on the Lover Green but with the acquisition of the former school building, the parish will be able to hold exercise classes for varying abilities and ages Recreational and Leisure Facilities. It is hoped that the building will provide the perfect place to hold classes and creative opportunities for the whole parish. The hire costs have yet to be agreed and will be done so once the members confirm how the centre will be used.

What are the benefits of membership?

Lifetime Members (donations between £500 and £4999) will qualify for ongoing membership without the payment of the annual subscription. They will also qualify for a 10 per cent discount from the published tariff for hire of the building (capped at 2 hires per year) for personal use, such as parties. An annual social event will be held for Lifetime Members and Founding Sponsors (in addition to the AGM) at which they will be given an update on the work of the Management Board and will have the opportunity to make suggestions for future development of the association. They will receive a regular email newsletter. Ordinary Members (discretionary donation followed by £10 per annum membership fee, or £25 for family membership to cover all members of a family in the same household) aged 16 and over will be able to attend and vote at the AGM and will qualify for a 10 per cent discount from the published tariff for one half-day / evening session to a maximum of 25% of the membership fee in any one year. They will receive a regular email newsletter.

What will happen to the existing facilities?

The Lover Green will continue to run as it is today – providing the perfect venue for the Lover Fayre, outdoor sports and general parish enjoyment. The Redlynch Village Hall will also be unaffected by the plans and will continue to be used as a village community asset by the whole parish.

Why should this interest me or my company?

The village of Lover is an iconic and famous village in the UK. This small village has big ambitions to prove that villages can thrive in modern times and sustain a community of people with varying needs and interests. Whether you are a parishioner, heard about us in the news or a brand looking to sponsor a worthwhile cause, we welcome everyone to become part of our love story. The name of Lover carries a very strong brand potential and will be the vehicle for many promotions over the years to come.

We would like to feature Lover in an article

Please visit our contact page for the relevant contact.

Will the Valentine Post continue?

The Trust is working to bring back the famous Lover Valentine Post in 2018 and is currently working with the Post Office and Royal Mail to to devise a workable scheme. In the meantime a sponsor is being sought to partner with us in the certain knowledge that this will achieve national and possibly international press coverage.

What is the Lover 5K?

You can find out more here.